Berlin (AKA, Hit and Run)

Berlin is an amazing city. I guess I've said that about just about everywhere we've been so far, but it's true. I wish we had more than a day and a half there. I'm actually not sure why we only planned such a short time - I guess it was because we thought we wouldn't need it. How wrong we were.

So, we got into Berlin at about 3PM after a train from Prague. We checked into the hostel and then rushed back into the city. On our way, we stopped and checked out the East Side Gallery, an open portion of the Berlin wall which has been painted with some of the world's most famous street art.

After spending a bit of time there, we headed into the city center to check out the Reichstag building. After taking a gander at the famous seat of the German parliament - we took a short walk to look at the Brandenburg gate (and grab some food).

After a hearty dinner (of potato soup and a chocolate milkshake) we returned to the Reichstag building for an after dark light show - which also happened to include a bit of a documentary on the history of the German parliament. I actually learned a fair amount. We then took some final, after-dark, pictures of the area, and headed back to the hostel for the night.

The next morning, we woke up pretty early, grabbed a breakfast burger, and took the U-Bahn to Museum Island.

This was to be our plan for the day. We started by checking out the Berlin Cathedral and its' famous dome.

We then headed to the Neues Museum where we got to see some amazing pieces of egyptian and early germanic art including the bust of Nefertiti and an old Golden Germanic helmet.

After the Neues museum, we headed to the Pergammon Meuseum which is based on Assyrian and Eastern history - and we got to see a couple of old temples, and some amazing artifacts from that period. Continuing - we went to the Alte National Gallery - where we got our fill of Germanic painters, as well as some of the modern masters.

Finally, we finished our day of museums with a visit to the Altes museum where we took in greco-roman statuary and culture. Finishing up on the museum island, we then walked to a small Chinese place, where I had some of the best Peking duck I've every had.

The next morning - the airport at 3AM.

That's it for Berlin! Amsterdam's up next!