Geneva (AKA, Très Chère)

Geneva’s blog I think will be more photos than anything else. We didn’t visit a lot of sites - as some poor planning on our part left us in the city on a weekend (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) and most museums are closed these days.

We began our trip by checking into the hostel - a large industrial place with 68 rooms, 6 people per room. We then took a trip downtown, to check out the Jet d’eau (A famous water spout shooting up 140m into the air) and the old town, complete with the cathedral. For lunch, we ate at Les Armures, a restaurant favored by Bill Clinton, with the best fondue in Geneva. On our way back, we even had the opportunity to see the Secretary of State (of the US) John Kerry picking up chocolates at a shop in the old town. With both Kerry and (Vice President) Joe Biden in the city, there was a notable amount of security - and a lot of excited Genovese people. After wandering around a bit more, we returned to the Hostel, and then went for dinner - finding a Lithuanian place where we ate with our hands some of the best food that we’d had on the trip so far.

The next day began early, and with little sleep, as the hostel had no AC and Geneva was over 90 degrees F leaving us so sweaty, it was hard to not look drowned. We took a train to Montreux, a city on the outskirts of the Geneva lake - and visited the Château De Chillion, the famous bastion of Lake Geneva. We then walked back along the lake to Lausanne, where we had lunch (at some nowhere place) and then returning for dinner - a short ways outside of Geneva at the home of one of Paul’s cousins who was nice enough to entertain us for the evening. Once again, not a terribly full day, but one that was exciting, and full of beauty.

Our last day in Geneva was probably the most intense of the days - even though it still was laid back. After getting no sleep once again, we visited the Jardin Des Plantes (Botanical Gardens) and then took a guided tour of the United Nations. We then returned to the Old town, and walked around a bit more - visiting the Reformation Wall, and the Jardin D’anglais among other things. We finally returned to the hostel that night, and settled in for what (for me) would be another early morning flight.

I’m writing this on the plane to Stockholm, having taken leave of my friends in Geneva - I set out for a trip of my own (two whole days in Stockholm) before returning to Denver. I’ll probably only have two more blog posts on this trip - one for my return to Stockholm, and another wrapping up my thoughts on the trip - and sharing over 3000 photos that the three of us have taken. It’s been an insane month, and I’ve already started thinking about next year - but I also just can’t wait to be back in Denver, and maybe even sleep for more than 5 hours one of these days.